What is Die Schatzkiste?

The Schatzkiste (treasure chest) is a special service of ours that you will not find otherwise.
The photographer will come to your kindergarten as usual. Instead of a photo series to view you will receive a secret key from us to open the Schatzkiste. With the Schatzkiste you have direct access to the picture archive. In the Schatzkiste you will find a preselection of the photos of the photo session. You have the possibility to order the pictures in 3 different sizes, in three different versions (Color, B / W, sepia) and 4 different decorative frames (altogether 45 variations per picture - without surcharge). Even special products such as key-chains can be ordered immediately. You will get a preview of all variations.

We produce the photos only at your request, so we can keep our costs low and calculate incredibly tight: you get the pictures for about ½ the price of our competitors.

Order what you want: from the mini series for 5,60 € (for a group picture and a portrait picture) to the super-extensive luxury series with five different pictures as gifts for the whole family for 40 €.
The parents decide for themselves, what you get and what it should cost.