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See some examples of what we offer
Our class-pictures are a class of its own. Styled one by one for everlast memory.
Digital Composite
Our composite helps to remember all friends after years. With the name of each person.
Portrait with creative frame
We offer a large amount of different frames for every picture.
Multicolored Page
Many different print of a shot on one single page.
Calendar for the table and the fridge
After the year is over, cut off the picure an keep it forever.
Calender for the pocket
Keep you darling in your heart an your wallet.
Hard to find, because they are difficult to make. You get it from us. Nice picture, nice price.
Foto-und-Kind offers you modern artistic picures. Made individually -standard price.
key appendage
This is the ideal gift. It has a plastic chip for the trolleys-coin-slots.
Small appendage for mobile phones, memorysticks, etc.
The international ID-card. The material is the same as in creditcards.
(Also available: laminated cards).
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